Simplicity 1887 – V2

When I started thinking about what to make for my first blog post as a Cali Fabrics contributor, I knew I wanted to use a TNT pattern to be safe but feel comfortable enough to try some hacks. I’m glad I ended up choosing S1887, because a few days into starting it, I went on vacation with the original pair and lost them. It was such a bummer because they were so breezy and comfortable. On the bright side, because I made them, I could make them again, right? That’s one of the perks of sewing!

For the hack, I knew I wanted to try a different look with sturdier fabric than the crepe de chine. While overall I loved the pattern, the ties kept getting undone, so I was inspired by Erica Bunker’s version to make a D-ring belt instead. I also wanted to make welt pockets just because welt pockets are cool and not at all because I ever use welt pockets.

Now I’m going to keep the post short because I ramble about it over at the Cali Fabrics blog along with my inspiration photos. Hope you’ll give it a visit as there are some great makes and tips from other bloggers over there as well as a $100 Cali Fabrics certificate giveaway going on that I mentioned last post!

Pattern adjustments to Size 8:

  1. Shortened crotch by 2″ (adjusted with the original pair)
  2. Used one piece of elastic for the waistband instead of two (adjusted with the original pair)
  3. Turned curved pockets into slant pockets
  4. Added welt pockets using this tutorial and free template from Nicole at Home
  5. Shortened the right waist tie by 7″ in to hold the D-rings
  6. Attached 1 1/2″ D-rings


  1. Welt pockets are easy to sew, hard to keep them straight and aligned with each other (they should also be positioned closer to the crotch and not the center of the pants – this makes sense but I wasn’t sure until I checked my RTW pants with welt pockets)
  2. D-ring belts are awesome
  3. I still love this pattern


I’m a little iffy on the back view as I don’t know why the elastic bunches funny in the back. It wasn’t like that with the first pair. But with a little massaging, the wrinkles go away.


I think I’m finally getting into the hang of sewing, and finally understanding how others can sew faster than they blog. It is so fun to find a TNT pattern and make it your own. I have a few other makes with little twists to them and I can’t wait to share them soon. Thanks for reading!

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