Instant TNT: Simplicity 1887

Looking back at the things I’ve made, all my favorites were made using Indie patterns. I like Indie patterns because the sizing is more accurate, aka they don’t have insane amounts of ease, aka less guesswork. I also like them because of all the pattern tester roundups. For each Indie pattern, even brand new ones, I can usually find a version made up by someone with a similar body shape or size and figure out if it would look good on me. The only downside of Indie is the price (although it’s worth it)… and so while I love my Morris Blazer and my Tania Culottes, I have way more $.99 Big 4 patterns in my collection.


Simplicity 1887 is one of those patterns that has crazy amounts of ease – 7.5″ worth to be exact. Luckily, it seems to be a popular pattern and all of the online reviews suggested sizing down at least one size. There were so many beautiful versions out there, I just had to take the risk and try it. Trying to be smart about it, I compared the pattern pieces to an RTW pair of similar style shorts I own, and decided to go two sizes down to size 8 from the recommended size. The only adjustment needed was to shorten the crotch by 2″. (Unfortunately, this particular pattern doesn’t have a lengthen/shorten line, but it’s not difficult to add. Just don’t forget to shorten the pocket piece too.) I also understitched the pockets even though the instructions didn’t call for it.

Other than that, this pattern came together very smoothly. I absolutely love the forgiving elastic waist, big pockets, and smooth back view. What more can a girl ask for? Well, the instructions were easy to follow and the finishing is clean, too. I didn’t take pictures but the insides of these these shorts are as pretty as the outside. Simplicity 1887 is officially my first TNT Big 4 pattern!

As for the fabric, Simplicity gives a few options to use with this pattern including linen, cotton, cotton sateen, rayon challis and jersey. I opted to go with 1 yard of this heavy weight crepe de chine from LA Finch Fabrics. It slips around a bit when cutting but overall I like the coverage and drape and they feel comfy on. The only small regret I have was that I didn’t try pattern matching. I got lucky with the front but the back always catches me off guard in the picture. I didn’t try because this was only meant to be a wearable muslin. I’m lucky it worked out so well.
S1887 front 2

Pattern and fabric were on sale so these shorts cost less than $5 to make.


Eek, that mismatch!

Again, love love love and I can’t wait to make other versions up in some chambray or cotton-linen blends.

11 thoughts on “Instant TNT: Simplicity 1887

    1. What?? You can wear them too, if anything, it probably looks fine a little longer too. Thank you! Btw, I love your designs, they’re so inspiring 🙂

  1. They look so comfy and the fabric is breezy and eye catching. Nice! I have wayyyy too many big 4 patterns and not enough indie ones. I’ve been eyeing them but the price+shipping is really a deterrent! Also..I’m scared of pattern matching…

    1. Thanks sil 🙂 Haha I agree!! They are pretty expensive even the PDF ones.. I keep telling myself it’s ok I’ll buy the patterns and not buy RTW clothes. But I sew so slow that now all I have are patterns and no clothes… You seem to be better at paying attention to detail than me, haha, I’m sure you’d kick pattern matching’s butt 🙂

      1. You’re talking to someone who has never successfully or bothered to pattern match, never want to make a toile, haven’t lined anything..haha..all of which when I see you do, I admire but am too lazy to spend time learning/doing. You’re so on point about “having patterns and no clothes”! I’m laughing and agree 100%

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