Lil Luxe Starlight City Women’s Dress

Summer is wedding season, and while I don’t have that many weddings to attend, I am determined to make something for all the ones I can. For a bachelorette party, I had it in my mind to make something black in a body con style. Lately, I’ve been less focused on trying all the new patterns (although I’m still buying them) and more focused on playing with TNT patterns with a few tweaks here and there. I ended up choosing to make another version of the Lil Luxe Starlight City Women’s Dress in black lace. This idea, and fabric, came from one of the pattern testers, whose awesome version can be found here.


The main fabric is a black stretch lace from FabricMart and the lining is a nude lining from that I bought three years ago. Yay for stash busting! The lace had 40% stretch widthwise and 80% lengthwise. Since the pattern calls for 50% four-way stretch, I decided to size up to size S (still petite). For reference, I am on the high end of the XS range and my first version in fabric with 80% stretch was a little snug, which is why I was firm on sizing up.

In addition to what’s required by the instructions, I cut lining for the skirt. The only other difference was the extra step added to make the lace twist back work. I don’t know why but my brain was malfunctioning that night, and I had to try a few methods before realizing the correct one. To make the twist back, cut two pieces of the back pattern in lace, and one in lining fabric. Put one piece of the lace on top of the lining right side up, then the other piece of the lace on top of the first piece of lace right side down. Sew them together as directed in the instructions, then flip the top piece of lace around the other two pieces so that the lining is sandwiched between the two laces. Then you can do the twist and follow the rest of the instructions as is pretty much.

IMG_20160814_184456 copy

I had rotated this fabric when cutting because I wanted the circles to run horizontally instead of vertically, so I thought I was being so smart by cutting the pieces so I could use the selvedges as the hems. When I posted this thought on Instagram, I got the most amazing advice to cut along the circles to make scalloped hems instead. Thank you sewing community! The main interest is in the back of the dress so I love that the scallops make the front look a little fancy, too.

IMG_20160814_184616 copy

Finally, I wore this out last night in the 96 degree heat wave that we have been having on the East Coast. This dress – with the big back cutout – was seriously meant to be. What I loved most though is not only how I felt great in this dress (although I do think it is a little too tight/revealing and I need some time in the gym if I want to wear it again) but how surprised my friends were to hear that I made it and how it made them excited and curious to learn to sew. Seriously, I would kill for a few people around me to share this hobby with in real life!


5 thoughts on “Lil Luxe Starlight City Women’s Dress

  1. That dress is perfection ! I’m so envious because a black lace dress is on my sewing wish list. That fabric was a find!

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