The original post can be found at the Cali Fabrics blog.

The Cali Fabrics post focuses more on the fabric, so I want to add some details about the adjustments I made to this pattern here. This is the By Hand London Kim Dress with the tulip or gathered skirt swapped for a basic pencil skirt.

For the bodice, I cut a size 2 graded to a size 8 at the waist. My actual bust size falls under size 4, but due to my narrow shoulders, I cut the 2. Because of this, the straps sit at a nice place on my shoulders and are not too long, but it became too tight at the bust. With the muslin, it was already tight, but being lazy, I told myself it would be okay. The problem became worse with the thicker fabric (sateen) with lining. This has to be worn either braless or with a sports bra for me to be able to breathe… Next time I will definitely do an FBA!

I also shortened the bodice by 1/2″.

Finally, you can probably tell from the Cali Fabrics photos that I had some wrinkles around the hips. I like those photos – some of the few that aren’t literally steps away from my front door, so I used them, but I had to do something about the wrinkles. In these photos, I had lengthened the darts in the skirt by 3″ because my natural waist is very high so the dart was not ending at the fullest part of my waist.

There is still some pooling at the waist, so after doing the FBA, I would take a look at whether I need to shorten the bodice some more or do a sway back adjustment.

Overall, it’s an awesome pattern that I would make again once I get the fit right.

Kim Dress FrontKim Dress Back


  1. I love that dress and your fabric is gorgeous. I’ve been contemplating that pattern and I appreciated your review.

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