B6456 – Ruffle Sleeve Tee

I’ve been wanting a drapey tee with ruffle sleeves for a while now – specifically in stripes. While this fits the bill, and feels amazing when on, after a few photo sessions, I realize it’s not as flattering as I’d like…

This is how I wish it would look like normally – drapey and tiny bit of shaping in the waist (due to shadows).

This is how it looks normally – a little too short and straight up and down. I realize now after reviewing lots of pictures on Google of women’s tops that they are supposed to hit a little below the waistband of your jeans.

Jumping back to the pattern for a minute, this is Butterick 6456. It is originally a tunic length top that is meant for wovens, but I wanted it for a knit in my stash (discontinued black and white striped viscose jersey from StylishFabrics). Since I was using knit, I sized down from size 10-12 to size 6. Knowing I prefer tops shorter and not tunic length and to accommodate my lack of height, I shortened the body and sleeves by 4″.

I even made a muslin! The length was perfect at that time and the main change I made at first for the final was a 1/2″ narrow shoulder adjustment. However, at the last minute, I made a spree of the moment decision to hack an additional 3″ off the body. Womp womp.

As I was trying on the top multiple times to decide whether I like it or not, I also realized I couldn’t distinguish the front from the back for my life, so as I applied bias binding for the neckline, I also slipped in a piece of white bias binding to mark the back. I’m too lazy to take a picture but it looks cute and is a great use of scraps!

While I like the idea of the top, I’m still trying to think of options that might make me love it. Should I add some length to the top by applying a strip of the same fabric at the bottom of the shirt and hope I can camouflage the hack? Or should I make the extension a ruffle so it seems intentional like the below blouse?


Any suggestions would be appreciated 😀


5 thoughts on “B6456 – Ruffle Sleeve Tee

  1. I have to say I love it as is. You have a great figure and can carry it. However, I totally get the feeling that something isn’t quite right and I think the intentional ruffle would be the way to go, imo.
    I’ve been craving a ruffle sleeved top like this. I may have to add this patter to my shopping list! Gorgeous!

  2. I feel like if you styled it a different way, maybe with a skirt or coulottes that hit your waist higher maybe it would work, because then the top and the waist of the bottoms would hit you skinniest part and would work. If not then I think adding a ruffle on the bottom would work wonderfully to help lengthen the top but look intentional!

  3. I think the WordPress reader is playing up so your new posts didn’t show up 😦
    Anyway, I think the black jeans looks much better with instantly. If you keep the length/ruffle as is, would narrowing the sides just around the curve under the bustling create more shaping? Have you decided what to do in the end?

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