Seamwork Leonora

I’ve been keeping an eye on Seamwork magazine since the first issue as the website layout is pretty slick, two patterns a month for $6 is a steal, and I love the idea of the Blocks Paper Scissors hacks to go with the patterns. I was on the fence though as not all the styles suited me, and Colette drafts for a C cup, which ahem, let’s just leave it at that. But as bloggers I follow like Trishstitched and Sew Red-y posted more and more tempting versions of their Seamwork makes, I finally decided to bite the bullet.

This is April’s issue, the Leonora skirt, and for non-lazy sewists, it can come with patch or slant pockets and belt loops. Actually, I faced some sizing issues even though I made a muslin first, so I decided to keep it very basic in case it didn’t work out.

For the muslin, I started with a straight size 0 as I read that the pattern runs large on several IG posts, and I didn’t want to admit that I’d gained weight since the last time I’d measured myself. It was all looking good – the finishing is very clean on this pattern – until I tried to pin it closed. There was a 3 inch gap, that I could only close after sucking in that stomach. Otherwise though, it fit well from the hip down, front and back.

I thought, by properly acknowledging my measurements, I could get away with not making a second muslin. So, for the real version, I cut a size 6 at the waist graded to size 2 at the hips down. I don’t know if it’s because the denim (White Denim from StylishFabric) has a little bit of stretch to it, or how I graded it, but it ended up huge on me. Luckily, this skirt is something you can easily fit as you sew. I installed all the buttons first, then went back to fit the sides and trim a little off the yoke to better fit the booty.

Now let’s talk buttons for a second. I think I’ve mentioned several times I’m all about instant gratification, so of course I had to order my buttons from Amazon. I decided to give this 40 Sets Jeans Button set a try, and I’d totally recommend it if you aren’t looking for any fancy, hefty metal buttons. The description says these are made of iron, but it feels light like plastic. They held up fine under hammering though, and look cute, so I have no complaints. It comes in 2 colors, copper and silver, with two styles each color, plain and with little stars, and only costs $8.99 total.


This is what the skirt looks like after sitting at the office the whole day. But honestly, it looks like this after sitting for 10 minutes, too. Does anyone know if this is a fitting issue, fabric issue or non issue? It makes me rather self conscious and I’m tempted to go find a white denim skirt in a store and sit around in it to see if the wrinkles stick this badly.

I have two minor issues with the back. One, I have a swayback, and this waistband is straight not contoured, so there is gaping if you really care to look. There’s also a little excess fabric. I tried pinning it out from the sides, and then again at the CB seam, but it didn’t look right, so I left it as is. From the pictures, it’s not looking as bad as I imagined though. Overall, I would probably need to do another muslin before I’m ready to crank these out, but I am pretty happy with my first Seamwork pattern!



7 thoughts on “Seamwork Leonora

  1. I definitely think it’s a fabric issue! The same happens for me when I wear denims and other sportswear like it– I would just spray with starch and hope for the best!

  2. The finished skirt looks lovely! And I’m impressed with your ability to wear a white skirt and keep it so neat — not a feat I could pull off.

  3. Great review! I love reading about the process on your blog, as addictive and convenient as instagram is. I really like the buttons. Makes the skirt looks high end and minimalist. I’m positive the creasing is a fabric issue? My pencil skirts crease like crazy if their fibre composition isn’t artificial enough (cottons, linens and rayon crease the worst)! And also a non-issue, because, we sit and move, right?

  4. This came out great! Don’t worry about the wrinkles. They look fine and totally normal. 🙂 Thanks for the review on the metal buttons… I just ordered some for my next pair of jeans!

    I can’t wait to see what other Seamwork patterns you make. I can totally see you rocking the Mesa dress!

  5. If the wrinkles really bother you, I’d ask @SewBrooke on IG. She’s pretty much awesomesauce at knowing how to fit things. Otherwise, I’d just wear it–this skirt is pretty cute, and I just *wish* I could pull off white clothing of any type, but I have too many interactions with grubby toddler fingers for that. 😉

  6. I agree that denim has a tendency to hold wrinkles a bit, and on white they just show more. But I don’t think it’s an issue to be worried about, it doesn’t look out of place to me at all!

  7. Your skirt looks great!! Love the white! The wrinkles are probably a fabric issue but really don’t look bad! There are times I have issues with Seamwork sizing so you were right to make a muslin first. I know, a little annoying, but what I love about Seamwork is that the patterns are “staples” so once you get the fit down, you can use your corrected pattern over and over!

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