Helen’s Closet – The Blackwood Cardigan

Good weather is so far and few between these days, I’ve only been taking blurry selfies of my latest makes in the apartment. For some reason, sun seems to be reserved for the weekdays and it rains mainly on the weekends. Boo! So, when I took two days off with the boyfriend to celebrate our five-year anniversary , I had to sneak some nicer pictures in!

This is Helen’s Closet’s Blackwood Cardigan, a pattern I was so lucky to be invited to test a few months back, but never got a chance to make a version beyond the muslin. I am a huge fan of Helen’s style and know I will probably love every single pattern she produces because they seems to always be classic, wardrobe staples, that would be easy to customize once you’ve perfected the fit.

For this Version A of the cardigan, I ordered this Natural Dark 4×2 Thermal Rib Knit from StylishFabric. Out of my whole order, this was the only fabric that threw me off when I received it, because there is nothing dark about this color. It is pale as my skin tone, and when I think rib knit, I think of chunkier winter fabrics, although that’s my own misconception. The site lists the fabric weight at 185GSM, which is apparently the weight of t-shirt fabric, and an accurate description. It doesn’t curl much, and was easy to sew with lower tension and a walking foot.

As for the pattern itself, I made minimal adjustments to the straight size S – removed 4″ from the body and 3″ from the sleeve. I tried to space out where I removed the length, rather than take it all out at the waist – to avoid losing the waist shaping. (I also omitted the pockets because the fabric is so light, I was afraid putting anything inside would stretch it out.)

For the muslin, I had graded from a size XS at the bust to S at the waist and hips per my size requirements, but found it snug because it’s meant to layer over other clothing and the grading exaggerated my hips.

I do notice some drag lines in the picture above, so I will have to consider that for my future versions, but pfft, still going to wear the heck out of this one.

The instructions are clear, but to be honest, there’s not that many steps so I didn’t follow them all that closely. Overall, it’s a quick, satisfying make, and you won’t be short of inspiration if you are following #memademay17 on Instagram or check out the tester round up here.

Thanks for reading! Until next time the sun comes out!

2 thoughts on “Helen’s Closet – The Blackwood Cardigan

  1. Happy Anniversary! Wow 5 years 😍 This is the occasion you can make and wear the white lace gown! Haha. I love your Cardigan, and that colour is feminine. I read your seamwork Leonora post first and secretly admired your cardi in the post – it’s this one, right? It’s lovely!

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