Named Clothing Delphi Dress

I have really been neglecting this blog ever since I discovered the world of Instagram (for sewing). Easy photo editing, short and sweet captions instead of long winded posts, inspiration galore – it’s the perfect platform for a person like me that craves instant gratification. However, it’s about time I come back as I really do refer to this blog to keep track of any pattern adjustments I make for the future… There weren’t many adjustments needed here, but still.

This is a new favorite pattern and dress of mine – the Named Clothing Delphi Dress! I picked it up on IndieSew with the gift card from placing second in the Day and Night Dress challenge, which is so awesome because I don’t think I would have discovered this pattern otherwise. You can’t see it as clearly here since the print is such a show stealer, but it’s a layered maxi dress with a cute flounce that ends right above the waist. The back  also has a cute crossover strap detail.

A quick note about the fabric, which I love and is unfortunately sold out, is that it was a pre-cut 2 yard pieces of ITY knit from FabricMart that cost me 4 bucks total. I seriously love love love their pre-cut fabrics. Some people use it for muslin, but I buy the prints that I really like and save it for the real deal. They don’t have too many left, but if you’re interested, check out the selection here.

Photo Apr 09-5

Now back to the pattern and there are two quick caveats:

  1. The PDF version does not have layers so you will have to print all sizes (I am so spoiled by other Indie companies that this threw me off guard)
  2. The PDF pattern pieces are nested so tracing this pattern is a must (I cut out some pieces as is and traced the nested pieces to reduce the amount of tracing)

After reading several reviews online that mentions the pattern runs large, I decided to cut a straight size XS (the smallest size) even though I fall under the 34 size range at the bust and waist. It fits fine as the fabric is stretchy but I did lose the gathered skirt effect due to my waist size. I shortened the inner front and back bodice by one inch so it sits at my natural waist, but left the flounce pieces alone as I prefer them longer. I think if they are shortened too much, it will make your torso look wider. I shortened the hem by one inch only as I plan to wear this dress with heels, but otherwise, I would need to shorten it by an additional one or two inches to go with flats. (I am 5’1″)

One last thing that is not an adjustment, but still something to call out, is the strap length. The pattern provides a range to cut the shoulder straps. Since I cut the smallest size pattern, I cut the shortest length for the shoulder straps, which turned out to be too short. I would recommend cutting the longest length to start and trimming it after fitting, which is very easy to do.

Photo Apr 09-6

Overall though, this pattern is a win! There are just a few pieces and it sews up in three hours max if you concentrate. I can’t wait until spring actually feels like spring around here so I can wear it out more.

Delphi SidePhoto Apr 09-7Photo Apr 09-8


2 thoughts on “Named Clothing Delphi Dress

  1. Spot on about instagram! Everyone is busy and time poor and IG really is a quick and easy way to browse and comment and network. But I like blogs, it’s more personal.

    Loving the Delphi dress! It makes you look tall too! Glad it’s warm enough to wear finally!

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