Desmond Roll Top Backpack

Sewing has taken a little bit of a backseat to work, school, vacation and what seems like a 2 month long cold, but I finally squeezed in one last project for 2016. And it’s a special one too – my first unselfish make!

What feels like forever ago, I visited two friends in Austin. On top of an already awesome agenda they had planned, they also indulged me in a trip to a sewing shop! I thought then that I would if I were ever to feel confident enough to sew gifts for someone, it would have to be for them. One of them is going on a trip to Greece soon, and since fitting an outfit for someone a time zone away is out of the question, I decided to go for the Desmond Roll Top Backpack for her travels.


I bought the pattern specifically for this gift but I can’t wait to use it again. The instructions are very detailed and thought out from reinforcing certain seams to cutting the straps at different angles to accommodate for broad vs. narrow shoulders. I am used to having to make narrow shoulder adjustments for patterns but never thought about doing that for a backpack! If you’d like to have your hand held as you sew the Desmond, you can even follow along the sew along on Taylor Tailor’s website. It helps to reference photographs rather than drawings when figuring out whether pieces need to sit right side up or down. You can find the first step to the sew along here.


Another potential perk of this pattern is that you can buy the pattern with the hardware kit included. The quality of the hardware looks good too! However, I decided to try sourcing my own on Etsy. The price comes out more or less the same as buying from the pattern website but I ordered some supplies for a future project as well to save on shipping. I highly recommend the seller SewingSupplies for the reasonable prices and great customer service. They actually refunded me a few dollars after shipping since shipping costs were lower than originally estimated!


The straps are my favorite part of the bag.


You can’t see much but I destashed some stretch denim to use as lining. There are four open pockets on the inside. The only issue I have here is that I should have changed the serger thread to black instead of being a lazy bum.


I actually named this backpack ‘Toad’ because it looks like it has a face, especially when stuffed. In this picture, Toad is stuffed with a small blanket. It still has room for more!


I’ll be shipping it off tomorrow, hoping that its new owner will like it! Wish me luck 🙂


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