Lil Luxe Starlight City Women’s Dress

I stumbled upon and fell in love with this pattern a while back through Instagram. Lil Luxe Collection is an Indie pattern company that specializes in the cutest little girl’s clothes but recently they release the women’s version of the Starlight City dress. Even though I own a million patterns already and really wanted to let this one slide, I couldn’t help but pick it up during a Memorial Day Sale. The biggest reason why? Because it comes with petite sizing! Whattt? No narrow shoulder adjustment, no need to shorten the waist?? Cute back detail without needing to go braless? Yes, please.

I chose to go with the gathered dress option, but it comes with options to wear it as crop top + skirt or a body con dress. I cut a straight XS petite, and just for reference, I am the largest measurements in the XS range. I did make a little mistake when I chose the fabric, as it’s supposed to have 50% 4-way stretch and my fabric only has 30% lengthwise. As a result, the waist is a little short on me, and my bra shows unless I make a point to tuck it under the twist. Luckily, it stays put once I tuck it in. I also used 1 1/4″ elastic for the waistband instead of 1 1/2″ and it worked fine. The only slight changes I made when sewing where to hem the sleeves and skirt at 5/8″ and shorten the hem by 4″.


The pattern itself is great! As with most PDF’s I’ve used, it comes with layering options so you can print the size you need. The gathered skirt is just a rectangle so the measurements are given rather than pattern pieces to save paper. The front and back bodice are lined for a clean finish at the neckline and back twist. You can just serge the side seams but the pattern also includes instructions on how to fully line the bodice so you can make a reversible crop top. Another awesome feature is that the waistband can actually be flipped up or down. In this picture, I’m wearing it flipped up, but later as I was walking around, it was very obvious it was higher than my natural waist (because of my fabric choice!), so I flipped it down and it is way more comfortable. This was another quick sew, one “day” to cut, two “days” to sew.


I saved a lot of time by not changing my serger thread, hehe.


The fabric is a Space Dye Lena Burgundy Jersey Knit from LA Finch Fabrics. It is a tri-blend of rayon poly spandex with practically 80% stretch selvedge to selvedge. (That being said, that is more stretch than required by the pattern and is snug on. I have another fabric planned for this pattern that only has 40% stretch and I plan to size up!) It is super comfy and the edges curl when cut, but not too unbearably so. It was easy to sew through multiple layers of this fabric and it doesn’t feel bulky on. The only thing I “changed” was that I used the wrong side of this fabric. You can see below the lighter side is actually the right side. It is pretty too, and has a little shimmer, but I think the darker color would be more flattering on my skin tone. I hope no one calls me out on this one day when I’m walking around…


I did wear this out, hot off the serger, to the mall with a friend. She liked it, and asked if I made it. My reaction to that question is always “oh no, how did she know? I wonder what gave it away? Should I even wear it out ever again if looks homemade?” Is it just me or does anyone else think like this?

Oh, I also tried out the Vive virtual reality headset in the Microsoft store while at the mall. I shot space pirates while wearing this dress. I have a feeling we’ll be making some more memories this summer. 🙂




14 thoughts on “Lil Luxe Starlight City Women’s Dress

  1. Wow love it! Petite sizing love. I like the colour you chose and of course, the twist at the back is the standout feature. Gathered option looks lovely!

    1. Thanks sil! Gathered skirt means no fitting , yay. Although I guess with knit either way it wouldn’t matter. I think I’m obsessed with knits and elastic patterns now..

  2. This is the cutest dress! It looks really comfortable but has that extra special “something” to make it stand out.

    I get a little paranoid, too, when people ask me if I’ve made something. But then I remember they ask me the same when I’m wearing RTW clothes so I guess they can’t tell the difference. 🙂 Plus, when someone knows you sew, they ask about almost EVERYTHING… except jeans, lol!

    1. Thanks Red! It is very comfortable. It’s become one of my most worn makes already.. Oh that’s true, I did yet asked once if I made something RTW. Haha that makes me feel better thanks! Dang but little do they know you made some Ginger jeans. I have it but still nervous to tackle that pattern. Knits have got me spoiled!

      1. I went through a crazy knit phase last year. Get it out of your system and then tackle those jeans! They will make you feel like Super Woman! 🙂

  3. Nice work on this dress. I love the heathered plum colour. And it doesn’t look homemade! I’m sure your friend just asks because she knows you sew. 🙂

    1. Thanks Lori! I like that “Heather ed plum” – I was calling it the salami dress in my mind lol and thanks for that! I guess I don’t talk about my sewing much so I’m surprised when people remember ~

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