Stashbusting App – In Progress :)

Thanks you everyone for the awesome response to my last post! I received more feedback than I expected to and loved learning about how you guys get creative with tracking your projects. I have to say I was most relieved to find that I am not the only person who does sewing shopping once every month! It makes me feel a little less guilty about stalking those FabricMart sales.

Anyway, true to the deadline, the winner was selected a week ago and turned out to be a member of a Stashbusting FB group I follow. But a big thank you to everyone who responded and please keep your eye on this series of posts because I am planning some more giveaways!

I was really hoping to have a clickable prototype done by now so that I could ask for help with testing and start the next round of giveaways, but I think I need another week.

For now, I have some basic layouts. Any thoughts so far?

What do you prefer – the style in View Patterns V1 vs V2?

What kind of filters would you expect to see for your fabric stash and pattern stash?

Are there any fields you would expect to see in the individual pattern / fabric page that you don’t see? Or see any fields that you don’t think matter?

Please let me know! It’s been a lot of fun making these and I hope it looks like something you’d be interested in using too. 🙂

Home Page


View Patterns V1


View Patterns V2


Filtered Patterns


View Pattern


View Fabrics


View Fabric


Edit Project


Edit Completed Project



14 thoughts on “Stashbusting App – In Progress :)

    1. Thanks Abigail!! 🙂 actually at first I was planning to make an app but most of the responses said they prefer to manage this stuff on the computer so it’ll probably be a website that will also have a mobile view!

  1. Awesome! I prefer the ‘pattern view’ where you can see the whole pattern cover, although the other view is also fine. Everything else looks really great. I have an android so a web version sounds wayyyyy better that apple store app!

    1. Thanks Naomi!! Yeah I was thinking whole pattern cover would be good for Big 4 patterns where there are several views per pattern. Glad to hear that web is the way to go afterall 🙂

  2. This looks amazing – it could possibly be the ravelry of the sewing world!!!
    I have had a play around with creating a database using memento database on my phone. One suggestion that I would make is having a ‘people’ tab – as lots of people sew for more than one person- eg their partner or kids . So having a people tab would allow you to see all the patterns,projects etc that you have used or will use for each person.
    Will there be a relational aspect – where you could link a couple of pattern with one fabric? eg click on Pink Jersey knit and see all the patterns that you are considering using with that fabric.
    Or Click on a pattern and see the all the fabric options that you are considering.
    On Fabric – it might be handy to have a field Prewashed -‘ yes or no’
    And possibly the option of being able to enter the cost of fabric or patterns as you add them – so that they can be totalled when they are combined in a project tab.
    Ps – I prefer the square thumbnails for the patterns as it means more wil be visible per page.
    Hope you don’t mind all the suggestions! It looks like you have really thought this through very thoroughly -best of luck with it & if you’d like any tester feedback just give me a shout:)

    1. Thank you Chris!! Haha this long comment/suggestions made my day.The people tab is a good point – if it’s easy to do I’ll try and have the ability to create some custom tags. If not, I’ll leave it to the next version.
      I was thinking of a relational aspect too! Maybe seeing all the projects you made with a particular pattern or fabric.
      Love the idea of tracking cost too – I personally need to keep track of how much I’m spending on fabrics, haha.
      I do have a section to add links to tutorials in the projects page already. I’ll consider the others too and see what I can do!
      Thanks so much again 😀

      1. I’m so glad you found it helpful! I’ve longed for a sewing app/website that considers the user experience properly. Pattern review ,foldline etc seem to have advertising / their own content as a priority. Best of luck with it 🙂

  3. One more suggestion… !! see that you can add links to useful tutorials in the project page. A cool feature would be to be able to add Thumbnail links on each patterns page of examples from blogs/websites etc. So that you could click on a pattern you own and then see links or pictures of other versions you have liked from the web. Whenever I buy a new pattern, I go online and clip links to any nice versions I find.

  4. Wow this is soooo cool. If only I’m handy around a computer like that! Amazing.
    I like view 2 also, where you see pattern envelopes.
    Now we just need the browser/Web host to behave and not crash upon processing and storing hundreds of patterns and fabric stashes and inspiration photos per user!! :p

  5. This is amazing!!! I can’t wait to see/try it. I briefly noodled making a mobile app for tracking patterns but then I realized I was just going to do it in Evernote or some other db app so why bother. This is way more useful!

  6. First I have to say: what an absolute genious idea! I have searched for something like this just some weeks ago and then thought “a ravelry for sewers that would be great!” I have my stash mostly on our attic and it would be so convienient not to have to go up there and flip through all the plasticboxes in dim light everytime…
    My suggestion would be, if this is possible, to build in a converter to convert imperial to metric system or vice versa, this would be so cool and safe so much time instead of mental arithmetic 😉
    For the filters for the patterns, there would be one good for “kids stuff” and also “costumes”. And maybe “winter” / “summer”

  7. Thats pretty cool! And I agree with Cecilia about an Converter for the different messurement system, this would be more easier to handle it.

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