Voice Activated Selfies & SBCC Tonic Tee

There’s nothing much about to say about this pattern because this is the third time I’ve made it up. In fact, I made this a few days ago, while I was in the early stages of the awful cold I have now.

The reason I’m excited to blog about it is really because of something I learned about my phone while I was taking pictures of this make – voice activated selfies!!

But first… obligatory photos. This fabric is some rayon lycra jersey knit from FabricMart, on sale for $5/yd, feels amazing on. The only shame about FabricMart sales is that if you bought something amazing, it’s run out by the time you want to stock up on more. 😦


The stripes match about 85%? I’m feeling OK about it. My favorite part is the neckband though and how the stripes go in a different direction.


Now back to voice-activated selfies. Even though my phone has a special button designed to make taking selfies easier, I’ve never really looked into its camera functions. But when your boyfriend is foot taller than you and every picture he takes makes you look and feel more ridiculously short than you already are… and for every 50 pictures he takes of you you only like one… you need to learn to take a selfie or two.

While I propped my phone on the kitchen counter (the kitchen has the best lighting in the apartment – what can I do??) , trying to set the self-timer, I stumbled upon the settings menu and noticed the Voice control option.


Click to enable and you see this. All you have to do is point the camera at something and say ‘shoot.’ 


I’m not sure what all phones it works on and how far you have to be standing for it to hear you, but let me know if you give it a shot (hehe)!


4 thoughts on “Voice Activated Selfies & SBCC Tonic Tee

  1. It works on the LG G4! I found this out a few days ago, and I’m addicted to just saying “cheese”! So much easier. I love the stripes, the fabric looks so comfy!

  2. You can also sit that boyfriend down! My husband takes photos of me seated, so the camera is about level with my center.

    And great work on the tonic tee. It’s on my very, very long list to make, though, so I might not get there until my current t shirts start to get ratty.

  3. Heyo C.

    Your most recent post caught my eye—thanks, WordPress Reader—so I had two thoughts:

    1. Voice-activated photos also work on Samsung’s Galaxy S6 (though the effective range of the command isn’t great, works better indoors than out), and…

    2. I’ve long used Joby’s small GorillaPod for timer photos with cameras, and about 2 years ago found that they also make a small, foldable, handy smartphone grip that screws right into any regular tripod (see link for picture).

    Link to GripTight: http://joby.com/mobile/griptight-mount-only
    Link to GorillaPod: http://joby.com/gorillapod/gorillapod-original

    Both available for significantly lower than MSRP on Amazon.

    With a combination of the two, you’re freed from having to prop up smartphone (or camera, for that matter) and can take pictures wherever you want!

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