McCall 6833 Muslin: Halloween Style

While I was disappointed that I was eliminated in round 1 of Fabric Mart’s Fabricista Challenge, it ended up being a blessing in disguise. The month after I was eliminated was the most stressful one I’ve had in a long time due to work and school. On the bright side, I was able to splurge on some wool blends with the OT money. On the other hand, I didn’t have any time to spend on actually using the fabrics. I didn’t want to cut into anything pretty or expensive knowing I didn’t have the time or energy to commit to it.

Since Halloween was around the corner, I decided stashbust some fabric scraps and random/bad purchases to make a costume where quality didn’t matter too much. I also tried to hack it out of a pattern I own so the costume could also double as a muslin. With the colors and patterns I had, I ended up choosing to go with a mermaid costume:



The pink scraps are from the Tulip Dress I made here. The tan fabric is some home decor fabric, I think, from a Fabric Mart bundle I ordered, and the green ponte is some 100% polyester fabric I bought from Hancock Fabrics which was a huge disappointment (although everything else I ordered from them was beautiful).

I chose the M6833 pattern because I felt it could be easily hacked and colorblocked.

I cut a straight size 8 which fit (thank goodness). There were some issues that could have resulted from my pattern hacking: I added scallops to the bra cups and split the back bodice piece into three including the pink “bra strap,” skin, and the curved green pieces that blend into the tail. I also extended the skirt of View A to hit my knees and attached a circle skirt for the mermaid effect.

Somehow, not intentionally, the bodice ended up 5/8″ too short…


I really like how the back looks! I like the lines of the strap and green curved pieces. However, it is obviously a little low as you can see part of my actual bra and the tag for the bra lol. Sorry, it’s the pic I had with the best lighting. It might not be so low if I hadn’t lost some of the bodice length with my pattern adjustments.


Up close, not sure if it is obvious but I also sewed lines between each scallop to mimic the lines in seashells. I also wanted to show the wrinkles that show on the side of the bodice when I’m not standing perfectly straight – I am still looking up why this happens. Is it excess fabric?

Overall I’m totally happy with this project. It was fun and turned out close to what I envisioned. Clearing out stash felt GREAT. With a little tweaking, I cant wait to use M6833 again. So what did you guys do for Halloween? Did you make your costume? What was the best costume you saw??


4 thoughts on “McCall 6833 Muslin: Halloween Style

  1. I’ve always wanted to do a Little Mermaid costume – and this is a great idea! I like how you tweaked a dress pattern and there’s enough coverage so you don’t have to worry about “sucking it in” all night, LOL. Also, hooray for stash-busting!

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