FabricMart Fabricista Challenge Round 1

This challenge was tough as I only had one day to work on it! We technically had Friday until Tuesday night but some impromptu traveling plans came up and I was out of town from Friday night to Monday night. And no, I couldn’t take scissors, rotary blades or seam rippers with me on my carry on – I checked. Then on Tuesday night, I had class until 10pm…

Round 1 asked us to take an old handmade garment we weren’t satisfied with and transform it into something new. I loved the idea as I have so many failed makes packed away in a box. The moment the challenge details went up, I emptied the box on the floor and started pairing each piece with matching fabric and suitable patterns from my stash to brainstorm.

I ended up choosing this draped collar tunic which I made by following a tutorial by Unpetit Designs. I loved the collar but the fabric I used was heavier than the inspiration so the dolman sleeves didn’t hang right. The sleeves were also too tight so I didn’t bother hemming them and tucked the raw edges in the two times I wore it out.


I knew I wanted to keep the collar and needed options for contrasting panels so I could redo the sleeves, so I picked up the pattern M7199. I really wanted to do the zip up view but I didn’t have enough gray fabric for the front center panels so I only took the front and back side pieces from the pattern for reference. The only change to those pieces was I rounded out the sharp edge of the front side piece to match the curve in the back. For the contrasting fabric, I chose some fun quilted sweatshirt fabric.


This was the original sketch and plan. I still want to make it some day!

The final result. I am happy with it in the sense that with my time constraints, I believe I came up with an idea that was simple enough to pull off but not too boring I hope. I really like the new style. On the other hand, I’m not so happy with the fit as I cut a size 6 from M7199 and it is a little tight. I also didn’t match the curved pieces well and there are wrinkles all over. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ



But overall this challenge was so much fun for me! Love the creativity aspect – this was the first time in a while I didn’t follow a pattern to a T.


If you’re interested, please check out the other entries here and take a vote!

Also, did any of you take part in the audience challenge? Please let me know if you did. I’d love to check it out! ๐Ÿ˜€

Until Round 2! (Hopefully)


10 thoughts on “FabricMart Fabricista Challenge Round 1

  1. This looks great! You accomplished plenty in just one evening.
    I love the quilted sweatshirt fabric. I could see it as a cute hoodie and jogger set!

  2. I did like the original top back when you blogged about it, but this is even better! Cool concept and nice choice with the quilted fabric for texture. You sew so fast! And I’ll have to say, I looked at the first pic and it took me a good 10s to realise you were kneeling. “Where are her legs??!” :p

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