McCall 7176 Summer to Fall Romper


Four days left until the FabricMart challenge begins! I’ve been sick for the better part of the past two months, so I have had the perfect excuse to just lounge around looking up inspiration pieces and online shopping aka fattening up my stash in anticipation. I also managed to sneak in some sewing time, about 15 min every morning for a few weeks, until I finished this M7167 romper.

The fabric is a ponte de roma from Joann’s. Because I chose to go with ponte, and this one is a little thick, I did not line the bodice as the pattern instructed me to. I bias bound the neckline, arm holes and the hem – which used up exactly one package of single fold bias tape.


I also skipped the interfacing at the waist because the last time I interfaced a thick knit, it made my waist look very bulky, so no thank you. It seems to be holding up fine for now but we will see as time goes on.


I am, however, pretty proud of the bias bound V neckline on this. I had the biggest fear of V necklines for a while but I found this straight forward looking tutorial full of step by step pictures on Burda and decided to give it a try. It sewed like a dream and looks pretty clean to me ๐Ÿ™‚


As for the sizing, I cut a size 10. Some people size down one or two sizes for the Big 4 and this pattern in particular, but I saw one review by MrsCharisma who made this romper for her daughter in size 10. Her daughter is a lot more slender than me so I thought I shouldn’t try to push my luck by trying to size down at all. Sometimes I totally lie to myself and sew smaller sizes than I should, which defeats the whole purpose of learning to sew…


The fit is not perfect. I took in about 5/8″ from the side seams and 1″ from the back tapering down. The crotch is a little high or tight (not sure the right term). It feels fine when I stand straight, but any bending down, and it’s not too fun. I have some nasty 100% polyester ponte I accidentally bought as part of my shopping spree which I will use to try to test the shorts fitting issues with later. Other than that though, I love the style and the pleated shorts.

As I was looking up ways to style the romper, I found a very similar style on LOFT (the place other from fabric stores that takes all my money):


I really like the high neckline!

Also love the way this blogger styled their romper (will add a link as soon as I do reverse image Google search):


I don’t think I could really pull this look off but I need some ideas to make this work for fall as summer is almost over!!

Anyway, be back soon for the FabricMart challenge!


21 thoughts on “McCall 7176 Summer to Fall Romper

  1. Really cute, and the v-neckline turned out great! The pleats in the shorts are perfect. Personally, I think you could definitely pull of the blazer look so that you could wear this into the fall.

  2. You have every reason to be proud of that bias bound neckline. So professionally done! Fabulous piece, as always and totally my style! You’ll look great with the blazer look. Trench coat and boots as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The fabric looks so comfortable and soft. As always you make it so neat and professional looking! It’s a versatile piece and will go with lots of things. I bet you’ll have so much fun wearing it. Admire how you can just sew for 15 mins at a time…If I don’t have an hour, I don’t even start, mainly because I sew slow.

  4. So great to see a structured romper! I’ve just finished a jersey crepe one but I don’t think it’s that flattering, partially because the fabric is quite thin and partially because the way a gathered waistband makes my butt look! I wanted a more structured one with darts etc, but hadn’t seen any suitable patterns – I have to say your version is way better than the picture for 7167 and is making me consider it. Love it!

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