SBCC Tonic Tee w/ Tulip Sleeves & See-through Tania Culottes


I said I’d make this tee again so I did. One of the parts of my body I’m most self-conscious about is my arms, so I thought I’d use this pattern as a base to play around with sleeve modifications. First on the list is tulip sleeves because it’s the simplest to draft yet sweet and feminine. I followed this tutorial over on Sew Caroline written by Dixie DIY although I didn’t merge the two pattern pieces into one. For each sleeve, I just cut out the two pieces, lined them up by the top marking, and basted them together. Otherwise, the instructions are clear and there are plenty of pictures. I have my eye on the flutter sleeves next. (And then puff sleeves)


This time I serged all the seams and only used the sewing machine for the basting and hemming.


Here is the top paired with a pair of Tania culottes I’ve been working on even before this shirt. I had to let it hang to let the hem drop and I’m having a bit of a hard time convincing both my boyfriend and my mom to help me even out the hem – they seem terrified that they might mess up and I might attack them or something!

Another thing I have to consider for this is possibly adding a lining. I didn’t realize until it was all sewn up, that this fabric is pretty see-through!! I am definitely not taking apart the waistband but I am considering creating some side panels out of lining and stitching in the ditch to attach them. I am not worried about lining the center front or back so much as the pleats make them opaque. That, or just wear boy shorts underneath, although the thought of buying special underwear just for one item of clothing is just not that appealing to me. What would you do?? Other than that, I do love this pattern. Size XS with a length of L is spot on for me. Can’t wait to try a serger rolled hem on these and take them for a spin (literally?)!


7 thoughts on “SBCC Tonic Tee w/ Tulip Sleeves & See-through Tania Culottes

  1. Love the creative touch to the sleeves! Makes a plain tee look unique! For almost all my skirts I wear a pair of shorts underneath. Bike shorts work well, and you can always wear them to work out- or even just hanging out around the house!

  2. Little details make the garment unique. You have great shoulders and show off sleeve designs well. I’m I’m attracted to clothes with interesting sleeves ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m loving the sleeves. For the bottoms, there is a slip in a biker short version, I think they are called bloomers. They would work with the culottes and skirts and dresses.

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