Morris Blazer & Fabric Swatches

TGIF! This Friday was extra sweet for me because I took a day off work! At my workplace, there is a certain point where if you don’t start using your vacation days, you start losing them, so I decided to pamper myself with a sewing staycation. It was pretty productive as I finished the Morris Blazer, started building a fabric swatch book from my stash as well as some Mother’s Day prep (non-sewing related).

But first off, thank you everyone who responded to my last post about what color collar to use! I am a very indecisive person, so what a relief that the votes didn’t make me think too hard. The results were black – all the points vs. white – zero. That worked out too because there was less pressure to get the topstitching perfect.

Speaking of perfect, this Morris Blazer is pretty freaking awesome! The blazer looks so polished (both the outside and the inside) but the pattern instructions are straightforward and the diagrams are a big help. I was able to cut a straight size 2 out of ribbed double knit from with no issues. The only things I would change are to stitch the facing down all the way around because it tends to flap out otherwise, and finish the sleeve cuffs before attaching the sleeves to the body. However, I will have to be very careful next time with stitching the facing down because I created some unevenness and puckering on the left side. It seriously makes me want to weep because I spent so much time on this blazer, ironing every seam and testing stitches and facing on little swatches, and got my hopes up only to screw up noticeably at the end. The stitches are buried so deep in the ribbed knit, I am afraid to go back and pick at them, even though I had used a long stitch length for that very purpose.

All in all, this pattern is a keeper, and I can see why it took off like it did. I can’t wait to make this again in a solid.


Outdoor pics are so much nicer than indoor selfies! But actually, it was 80 degrees out today and I whipped this blazer right off after these pictures.


You might notice that the strips aren’t perfectly aligned. Ribbed knit wasn’t the best choice for this blazer as it is difficult to line up and sew along curves. Lesson learned!

Side  Inside

The insides are so pretty! The difference a little ironing can make.

When that was done, I got started on my next project, inspired by Fabric Mart’s educational swatch packets that contain swatches, uses and care instructions for silk, cotton and knit fabrics. When I first heard about them, I wanted to order them ASAP. I added them to cart along with a few yards of fabric “to make the shipping cost worthwhile” only to end up feeling so guilty. I initially started sewing because I wanted to slow down my spending on clothes – which it did – but now I am addicted to fabric/pattern shopping! What’s wrong with me??

I ended up canceling the order in favor of creating my own swatch book for starters out of old scraps and my current stash. Doing this is proving helpful already as I am discovering, just from cutting and stapling these swatches, which slippery babies I am going to hate working with and will need to be reminded NOT to purchase again. I just need to find a store that sells binder rings to finish this off. I also have big plans to buy a cork board that I can use to pin up swatches and coordinate projects. What do you think? Do you have fabric swatch packets or find them useful? Please let me know!



6 thoughts on “Morris Blazer & Fabric Swatches

  1. I think the swatches are a great idea to keep track of your stash. I have a fabric swatch book from when I was in college, it’s useful but your set up is much better because you can reference fabrics you actually have on hand!

  2. The blazer looks comfortable, easy to wear, versatile and adds a bit of posh to a casual outfit! I think the black lapels worked out really well. The swatches are a good idea. And you won’t forget to take a pic of the fabric tag next time 🙂

  3. Nice blazer! I have photos of most of my patterns and all my fabric on my IPad, so that I can plan projects where ever I am. I also have all my pattern envelopes in a binder, easy to browse through them all, with the instructions and pieces put away in boxes until I actually decide to use them.

  4. Swsych book is a great idea. Hadn’t thought of that. I recently started placing the patterns I want to purchase and the patterns I have in my stash on pinterest. I my just start a fabric stash on Pinterest also. Hopefully Pinterest will never go away. Oh and by the way in my opinion there is nothing wrong with you I’ve cone to the conclusion that most “real” sewers have an addiction to patterns and/or fabrics.

  5. Great blazer! It looks like it fits you really well.
    And, I love your swatches….That’s such a good idea to use a cork board, etc. I’d love to see how it turns out when it’s all finished 🙂

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