Black or White?: Grainline Studio Morris Blazer


I’m having a blast sewing up my first indie pattern that I had to buy after seeing Hila’s version in mustard ponte!

So far, it has been smooth sailing and the striped double knit feels fantastic on (best fabric purchase ever??).

Unfortunately, I have to put it aside to study for a final tomorrow, so meanwhile… I need some help!

Black (top) or striped (bottom right) shawl collar??



30 thoughts on “Black or White?: Grainline Studio Morris Blazer

  1. The striped collar would make the blazer look like a vest from afar; I think black makes it more coherent and sophisticated, and the contrast would bring out the shape a bit more. Just my opinion though. Good luck for finals, I’m amazed how you can sew the day before an exam, so organised!

    1. Thanks sil! I was really leaning towards white at first, but the bit about the blazer looking like a vest made me reconsider, and I’m glad because the black is growing on me. Haha, I wasn’t sewing the day before the exam, I was sewing over the weekend and just posted it the day before.

      1. The night before i had exams were the times I procrastinated the most, haha! Hope you did well in the finals, now you have more time to sew, yay! Looking forward to your finished blazer whatever your collar choice is 🙂

    1. That’s true! The plus side of blazers, you can wear them when it’s chilly outside but also when it’s hot outside but cold inside. Looking forward to seeing your version 😀

  2. I love the combination of black and white. I’ve seen a few of these blazers around and I’m getting envious. I’m going to have to get this pattern!!

  3. Ugh. I like both. The black to tie in the sleeves and the stripe because i love stripes. I have to go with….. Black

  4. I like both but I think the black just gives it the edge. This is a great pattern – I really liked Hila’s version too and I think I must give it a go.

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