Simplicity 1465 Reboot & FabricMart Haul


I’m proud of myself. I demonstrated more patience with 1465 than I knew I had. After looking back on last week’s post a few times and the bunched up mess that was the waistband and hem, I decided my beautiful fabric deserved better.

I talked myself into unpicking the lining to redo the waistband facing. Only then did I realize I had followed Tilly’s tutorial blindly, and whereas her tutorial showed how to add lining to a skirt that has both a waistband and waistband facing, 1465 does not have a separate waistband and my lining should have been drawn to reflect that. So I completely scrapped the light pink lining and cut new pieces from satin from my stash and trimmed the facing height minus 5/8 inch off the top of the lining.

Then, because I knew this time I wanted to keep the hems of the skirt and lining separate, I went back and sergedย  all the seams.

I thought I was almost done when I realized the top of the skirt had stretched out so much it no longer matched up with the facing. Surprisingly, I didn’t scream and rip the skirt to shreds. I calmly took in all the darts and it worked!

Finally, I attached the lining to the zipper, trimmed and notched the facing and hemmed the thing. Though still far from perfect, it’s much better than it was a few days ago and is now the most nicely finished item I’ve made!


And speaking of beautiful fabrics, the constant wave of FabricMart email coupons finally broke me down and I placed my first order for four fabrics and one mystery bundle. I actually received my package in 48 hours and I’m a fan!!


My actual order

1 –ย  Black/white striped rib double knit

2 – Black/off-white animal print ponte knit

3 – Bright magenta/white trellis print ITY

4 – Bright magenta/white mini lattice print ITY


The mystery $5 bundle

Out of the six pieces, I like three. The one yard of black knit alone is worth five bucks and will definitely be used. The top right seems like it would be nice for slacks. The top center with the colorful print I LOVE. There is less than a yard but I will make it work as a maxi dress somehow.

The other three include the floral print that will be used as muslin, gold fabric that might become a table runnerย and stretchy polka dot lining.

Overall, I’m a fan and will be back for more when the stash gets low, which is probably… never.


10 thoughts on “Simplicity 1465 Reboot & FabricMart Haul

  1. This is a good save! I like the contrast of the lining and the shell. I should learn how to fix things that bug me as well…mine go into a corner, not be spoken of again!

    1. Thank you! My makes usually go into a corner but it feels like a shame to spend time on something and not feel comfortable wearing it out. Hope you find something in the corner to fix and feel awesome about it too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Doesn’t it feel great to fix something and not have it niggling away at you from the back of your mind?
    Mmmmmm, more fabrics, drool…..

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