Spring Break Sewing: Simplicity 1801

I forgot how amazing spring break feels!! In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated it this much before. Spending my precious free time after work studying instead of sewing (among other things) is just the worst! I don’t like sewing when I’m tired as mistakes tend to happen, so even when I do have an hour or two to spare, all I to do is scroll through Wordpress Reader, shop online (no, seriously – I may start some pattern/fabric haul posts because of this) and maybe cut out some pattern pieces for later.

Immediately after my midterm, I ran into my “office” and yanked out Simplicity 1801 to get it out of my system before classes start again. I have been in love with View C ever since I saw it featured on a few blogs, however, I didn’t have enough fabric for it so I decided to go with View A minus the sleeves first and test the fit.


My size measurements are almost an exact match for size 12 but looking at the finished measurements, I cut a 6 instead. I’m so relieved that the 6 fits perfectly! This might be because I used knit instead of a woven but I think I prefer this style in a knit fabric anyway.Screenshot_2015-03-15-18-51-35_mh1432086390280

That being said, I should have made some adjustments because I used knit. I followed the instructions for using facing on the neckline and armholes, but because I didn’t have knit interfacing and couldn’t iron the seams flat, even with understitching, the facing likes to sneak out every once in a while. Other bloggers that made this dress in knit fully lined the top for a more finished look, and next time, if I can figure out how to take into account all the gathering, I will do the same.

I also omitted the zipper and pockets and hacked an inch off the hem.

Other than that, the dress came together smoothly. It’s super comfortable and moves nicely. There will definitely be future versions of this given I find the time and fabric for it.


If you’re looking for an easy project for spring, this is it 🙂 Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Spring Break Sewing: Simplicity 1801

  1. It looks great, you look pretty and the fabric is nice. Win win win! 😀
    My stash of Cynthia Rowle patterns are very lonely but I don’t have time (T_____T)

    1. Thanks sil! 🙂 Ah bummer you don’t have the time for your patterns too! Which cynthia Rowley ones do you have? Any for separates that might take less time?

      1. When our local biggest chain (Spotlight) had A$10 for 3 pattern sale, I bought a heap, mainly dresses (in my mind that’s less complicated than separates for some reason). I don’t have the skill for half of those, but I couldn’t resist! Did you pleat the front instead of gathering? Looks really neat.

    2. Oh ok, gotta love those pattern sales 🙂 I don’t know which is easier, I just try to go for the patterns with the fewest pieces when I don’t have much time to sew haha. Would love to see what patterns those are/your versions some time and maybe add to my pattern collection some more. And no I just followed the instructions and gathered. Maybe my fabric is heavy so it ended up looking more like pleats than gathers. I thought that too…

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