Stash Buster: Simplicity 1371


I picked up this fun pattern the other day during yet another Simplicity pattern sale. (Yes, I just did a post on Simplicity 1370, and this one is 1371. I also picked up 1373. I’m collecting them all!) I’m not usually a crop top kind of girl, but the model was really rocking it, and I really liked the little keyhole detail, so I took the plunge. Since I am aware I am not model status and a fitted top like this would definitely require some adjustments, I decided to do some fabric stash busting and make a muslin first.

I used leftover eyelet fabric from my Lined Eyelet Top with a Scallop Hem. I could not wait to use up this eyesore because it is ridiculously wrinkly! I ironed out the pieces for this top three times each on the highest heat setting and it still looks awful. Luckily, after this project, I’m almost all out of this fabric. I’m thinking of saving only the scallop trim to add onto the bottom of sweaters that have shrunken and become too short.

wpid-20150215_195352_mh1424097255867.jpgDidn’t I say I’m not model status? What is a crop top on the model looks like an oddly proportioned full-length top on my dressform. 😦 I also had to take in 2cm from each side after having already lined it. I am still debating whether I have the skills and patience to adjust the pattern to take in the sides and raise the keyhole and waistline. Or I might try a size down… (this is a size 12) For the real version, I would also use a stiffer fabric. That being said, I am still a fan of this pattern! The instructions are extremely easy to follow and the result is a beautifully lined top that does not require any hand stitching.

Instead of pants, I was hoping to pair this top with a bright, flowy maxi skirt. I do not currently own any, however, so the above “skirt” is just a yard of fabric draped over the dressform to help me picture the final look. The fabric is a floral knit I purchased from It is sooo pretty but a little too heavy – literally – for the skirt I had in mind.


The back looks pretty good on the dressform, but to be honest, the neck straps don’t lay quite so flat and pretty on my actual body.

I will follow up with a picture of the lining later as I am pretty happy with myself for taking time to iron everything and understitch even for a muslin.


13 thoughts on “Stash Buster: Simplicity 1371

  1. Oh my goodness, the crop top looks so good! I have personally been into high-neck type of tops lately, so this inspires me to try to sew one myself some time. I haven’t yet sewed an article of clothing yet, though. :/ I love the fabric that you used and agree that it would definitely look good with a maxi skirt. You’ll love maxi skirts if you ever make/get one, though!

    1. Thanks so much Ida! You should totally go for it, I think you’d be able to handle it for sure. Especially this pattern has good instructions. I’m still trying to figure out how to make a nice maxi skirt with a slit but I think I’ll like it too 🙂

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