First Garment of 2015: McCall 6610

First garment of the year and I am so happy with it!! As you might tell from my previous posts, I spread out the pattern tracing, muslin fitting and final construction of these pants over the span of a few weekends. I found that focusing on a little at a time really helps me stay alert and be more careful and thorough, and I think it shows!


You can tell how short I am just from looking at these! No wonder I have to try and make my own.


There were a lot of firsts for me with this project: first time following a commercial pattern, first time installing a front fly zipper, first time sewing a buttonhole. Thankfully, the McCall’s pattern instructions were insanely easy to follow. I had looked up a few front fly tutorials online, thinking the included directions would not be enough, but I actually preferred the latter in the end. It also comes with some fitting tips and a petite option.


That being said, I still had to make changes – mostly taking in the inner thigh and legs – and found this site that walks you through the best way to take in the legs without causing twists or bagginess. The most frustrating issue I faced, however, was really the baggy crotch! It made me look like a man and that’s a deal breaker. Most of the suggestions I saw were to shorten the CF seam because one that’s too long can cause the fabric to sag, which was too late for me since the pants were close to finished. The pattern actually includes a petite fold line for this purpose, I think, but I had measured my crotch length and thought the original size would work. I will have to try that fold next time! I will also move the zipper up an inch (or follow the notches more closely) and add an inch to the leg of my modified pattern piece.


Other common changes I saw bloggers make to this pattern include cutting out the pocket lining pieces as one and self-drafting a contour waistband instead of using the rectangle. I personally do not mind the rectangle waistband but would add a ½ in to the width next time. Some also lowered the rise of the pant but I again love the high-waisted style as it keeps my tummy nice and tucked in when I sit. Overall, I highly recommend this pattern! It will definitely get some wear and tear from me.

The fabric is a Pacific Blue stretch denim from It has 2% stretch and is pretty darn comfortable. Plus, big plus for convenience sakes, it can tumble dry. (I noticed a lot of Joann denims are line dry only.) The only downside is that after a few sessions of unpicking stitches, some of the colors come off and you can see flecks of white at the seams. I am not sure if that is a fabric problem or a me problem!

Anyway, all those little things aside, I am so happy I was able to finish this in time for my first day of class (grad school). Hopefully, with classes starting and all, I will still have time to get cracking on Lekala! Until then!


19 thoughts on “First Garment of 2015: McCall 6610

      1. thank you!! i am for sure making some pants (we’ll see how that goes lol)
        ok i have a couple more questions about the fabric you used…is it super stretchy? and does it feel like regular jean fabric or is softer? i have super sensitive skin so i’m looking for something super comfortable!

    1. I’ll have to get back to you on that later but before I forget, if you have a Joann’s nearby, McCall’s patterns are on sale for $1.99 each until this Saturday!

    2. Sorry for the late reply but I would say this fabric is lighter than regular jeans but not as light as jeggings. The stretch feels minimal so I couldn’t measure it but it feels pretty comfortable on. Hope that helps!

  1. That’s crazy! In my world the most difficult project to sew is to make pants! Which is why I am still focussing on small projects such as felt food. 😉 You did a great job! And the color is lovely; a piece of spring in winter time. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jana! It definitely is, this pair is nowhere near perfect but a good start. Felt food sounds fun and your thumbprint drawings were cutee. Haha and yes, this is probably more suitable for spring because of the color but I got too excited and wore it out anyway lol 😛

    1. Thank you! Haha most of my closet is dresses too since they’re so pretty and easy but sometimes I want to change it up, especially in the winter so thought I’d give it a try.

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