Help! The Crazy (Jeans) Crotch!

I was making good progress on my first project for 2015. I installed my first zipper with a fly front and facing as well as side and back pockets rather smoothly. There are definite imperfections which I will point out later but I should have known the smooth sailing was too good to be true.


I am scratching my head over this jeans fitting! I tried tracing the changes from the muslin as closely as possible but somehow the crotch area changed on me in this version. It seems I have read all the Google results on jeans alterations, but I think the biggest issue is I’m not even sure what the problem is. Is that excess fabric or is it cameltoe? Or is it both?


Back view. It is definitely tight around the knees but what about the thighs? Is it too tight, too loose the ease necessary for sitting?



Any ideas experienced pants sewists??

Edit: Determined not to pull a 2014 me and make blind stabs at fixing the crotch, I did another round of Googling the crotch issue. When I have the time and patience to unpick the topstitching on the inside legs, I think I’ll give it a go with the following tutorials:


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