DIY Cowl Sweater


Happy Thanksgiving indeed! I took a few days off of work and wound up with a six day staycation. Among the eating, catching up with family and friends, and Black Friday shopping, I managed to squeeze in a little – jk, a lot – of sewing. Such a good plan since my mom has so many supplies I don’t have at my place.

I finished everything except the hem on the tulip dress, but more on that later when I get pictures. More importantly, Jo-ann had an amazing sale on Wednesday, 60% off on almost all fabrics, during which I snapped up some gray and white knit.


I bought one yard of this at 60% off, and then got the remaining half yard on the bolt for the end of the bolt discount price. Overall, this top cost me less than ten dollars to make!

My plan for this knit was to make something more weather appropriate, so I scoured Pinterest and fell in love with this look/tutorial: It is a tutorial for a dress but I didn’t have enough fabric and was in a sweater mood anyway, so I took some liberties with the tutorial.

20141130_093109I did not have the McCall’s tunic pattern the tutorial referenced, so I traced an old sweater and padded it around the underarm and side for the dolman shape. After I cut out the back and front pieces and sewed them together to make the basic shirt, I measured the neckline to find the length of the cowl. I did not have enough fabric to follow the width in the tutorial (9 inches), so for your reference, I used a width of 7 inches.

3 piece pattern – the life!
I was so lazy I debated not using interfacing…

For the cowl, I cut out the strip of fabric, folded it in half, right-sides in, and sewed down the short ends of the strip on either side. Then I flipped it right-side out, ironed and began attaching to the collar.

20141130_140026Instead of creating button holes and adding the row of 3 buttons, I wanted to keep it simple and use one big snap fastener. I was considering adding a second, but the one seems to hold up fine.

20141130_160655_mh1417381957800With that, I was done! Minus probably going back and shrinking in the sides some more and hemming the raw edges back at my apartment with the serger. All-in-all, I am happy with the progress that was made. This sweater is cheap, takes minimal time to make (about half a day), and feels super comfortable on. I can’t wait to wear it out again and again this winter.


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