Refashion: Bedsheets → Lace Shorts

October was hectic with getting adjusted to a new job and applying for grad school so this refashion is a well-deserved breather. I’ve never sewn shorts before so I used some old bedsheets and lace tablecloth to make a draft while keeping it interesting with some detail.

I first followed a tutorial to make shorts for boys. It looked easy enough as the front and back pattern pieces are the same and you could cut them on the fold which made it a two piece pattern. I figured my butt’s not that big anyway so it would do. I guess part of me is happy that it didn’t do.

Two tries later, I gave up and decided to look for a tutorial for adults.

I mean, I guess four pattern pieces isn’t too awful.
Sewing up the crotch seams…

Then I got a little lazy and decided to roll up the bottom of the shorts instead of hemming them. Afterall, it is a draft.


I just wanted to try it on already… and I was so lucky I even fit. My practice boy shorts were done in knit fabric so there was stretch. I forgot to accommodate for the difference with the non-stretch bedsheets. Whoops.



Good enough for a few pics but not suitable for public. Next time, I will remember to leave some room – maybe a side zip? – as well as try some new techniques like adding pockets.


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