Refashion: Graduation Gown → Pirate Costume

Sewing can get expensive if you buy all new all the time, so when I dug up these old clothes slash graduation gown, I knew it was time to give refashioning another try. The brown shirt dress was scratchy and the flecks of gold too over-the-top for me, which led me to think to turn it into a Halloween costume. I usually never prepare for anything this early!


I started on the square circle skirt which is essentially a big fabric square with a hole cut in the middle that can be pulled over your hips to fit on your waist. The length from the circle to the edge of the square should be the minimum length you want for your skirt. My skirt turned out super short because I didn’t have enough red fabric so I chopped the striped dress in half and attached the bottom half to the red skirt for some modesty.


As I was removing the pockets and trimming down the shirt dress to make the vest, I realized it’s the same color as Kiera’s (from Syfy’s Continuum – watch it!!) jumpsuit. Because I’m not drop dead gorgeous like Kiera and I didn’t have enough fabric for a jumpsuit anyway, that idea quickly fizzled.


Some more trimming… Considered just keeping the buttons and not risking failing miserably at the corset look.


Glad I took the risk because the gold pops and it fit like a glove.



Bias tape made it no longer fit like a glove. Some places I trimmed too much and it would sneak out of the tape. In others, the curves still looked bumpy despite the trimming and notches.

On the bright side, there’s more than a month left to make fixes and sew the peasant blouse and headband.

Overall, I’m still happy with the vest shape and progress I’ve made so far. 🙂


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