Self-Drafted Elliot the Whale


Trying to fit a small project in between big ones. I’ve had these scraps lying around – fuzzy blue fabric my mom used to make a sweater for my dad, and light cotton print my mom used to make PJ’s for me.

I’m not too creative so the first thing I thought of when thinking ‘blue’ was stuffed whale plushie. There is the cutest pattern on Etsy for sale but since I just wanted to play around, I put the 9$ purchase off for now.

Instead, I tried to make a pattern out of paper.


Then put it together with my new machine!


My only regret was blind stitching his mouth – wish I left the gap somewhere less obvious. Once I fix that, I will clean up the pattern and share it here!

Btw, his name is Elliot. ๐Ÿ™‚


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