DIY Scalloped Hem Top

Fabric: Eyelet and Nude Lining from

My birthday is coming up soon and the bf’s been asking me if he can interest me with a new sewing machine. My current machine is a mostly-functional hand-me-down from my mom, but no lie, I’ve been eyeing the Brother CS6000i because I’m an Amazon addict and it looks shiny and new. I have been frustrated with myself that I haven’t sewn anything I’d dare wear in public though, so I challenged myself to one night of sewing that would decide whether I’m even allowed to contemplate getting a new machine.


I traced an existing top but left out the back opening and button because I wanted to keep things simple, and I knew with a little bit of sliding and tugging I could get into the top. I did look up tutorials for back openings just in case though and can’t wait to test it out on scraps later.


I sewed the necklines and armholes of the front panel with the front lining and back panel with the back lining right sides together, trimmed the edges as close to the stitches as possible before flipping the pieces right side out for a seamless look. Then I put the front panel and back panel right sides together and sewed straight stitches across the shoulders and down the sides. I need to go home and borrow my mom’s serger to clean up those seams.


The neckline.


Loving the look of the coverstitch on the lining! Courtesy of my new coverstitch machine, an early gift from my mom… that I will probably share with her. It’s easy to thread but I haven’t mastered it yet. Sometimes I miss the edge!

Although the shoulder straps and bottom of the tank aren’t lined up perfectly, I’m pretty happy with this one! The sewing machine did jam a few times and made the process longer than it needed to be but I’m still on the fence for getting a new one. Maybe after one more challenge…



3 thoughts on “DIY Scalloped Hem Top

  1. I love this! you are really inspiring me to make clothes. I have such a hard time finding apparel fabrics, though, especially at craft stores and at fabric stores around me (they always seem to only do quilting fabric, bleh).

    1. Thanks!! Haha hope you give it a try, it’s a lot of fun. Apparel fabrics are hard for me to find too especially for things other than knit or with cute prints. I tend to shop online but I also love all the thrifty/refashion posts by other bloggers. Might be worth a shot if there are thrift stores near you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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