Refashion: Men’s Shirt → Peplum Top

Refashioning men’s button-ups is nothing new, but I love following other blogs and seeing what creative spins they put on it. Now, time for my attempt.



Thanks Dad!

My approach:

1) I chopped off the bottom of the shirt, from waist down, and put that aside.

2) Using a seam ripper, I removed the front pockets and sleeves.

3) Basing if off the shape on an existing fitted tank top, I resized the top half of the shirt.

4) I gathered the bottom strip of fabric, aligned it with the side seams and buttons, and joined it with the top half of the shirt.

5) When I realized the top fit well except for under the armpits, I looked up a tutorial for creating darts in a tank top (see below for link). I did not execute it well, so I needed to create something to hide those darts!

6) I quickly whipped up two bows and applied them over the darts.



Shirt Tutorial:

Darts Tutorial:


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